Gold Altas of Rich Hill, Arizona

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1 Introduction, Geology, and Gold Production Estimates
  • Chapter 2 Methods Used in this Study
  • Chapter 3 Placer Gold of the Octave Area, including Yucca Gulch
  • Chapter 4 Lode Gold of the Octave Vein
  • Chapter 5 Placer Gold of Weaver Creek Drainage, Jap Gulch & Oro Fino Gulch
  • Chapter 6 Lode Gold of the Johnson and Meyers Veins
  • Chapter 7 Placer Gold of the Devils Nest Area
  • Chapter 8 Placer Gold of Antelope Creek and Slaughterhouse Gulch, and Lode Gold of the Mountainside Mine Group
  • Chapter 9 Placer Gold of the Potato Patch
  • Chapter 10 Interpretation and District-Wide Comparison of Placer Gold
  • Club References
  • Author Biography
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